What is Oxford House?

Oxford Houses are family homes that groups of recovering individuals rent to live together in an environment supportive of recovery from addiction. Each house is self-run and self-supported following a standardized system of democratic operation. Each group obtains a charter from Oxford House, Inc., the umbrella organization for the national network of individual Oxford Houses.

An Oxford House charter has three basic requirements for the group:

    • It must be democratically self-run,
    • It must be financially self-supported, and,
    • It must expel any resident who returns to using alcohol or drugs.

Individuals living in an Oxford House learn or relearn values, responsible behavior and slowly, but surely, develop long-term behavior to assure comfortable sobriety forever. Some individuals live in Oxford Houses a few months, others, for many years. Together, these individuals develop each Oxford House into a place to learn to live a responsible life without the use of alcohol and drugs.

How much sobriety is needed?

There is no official minimum time limit for acceptance, but generally an individual comes into an Oxford House following a 14 to 28 day rehabilitation program, or at least a detoxification period.

How much does it cost?

Rents vary according to the size and location of the House, ranging from $95 to $110 per week, which covers all household expenses except food. A sobriety deposit equivalent to 2 weeks is also required.

How do I get into an Oxford House?

Call the house you are interested in directly to find out about vacancies, or be put on a waiting list. Arrange for an interview with the current House members, who will vote on your acceptance. They may also refer you to another Oxford House with vacancies.

What is Oxford House Placement Services?

Oxford House Placement Services is a non-profit referral agency founded to help recovering individuals find placements in Oxford Houses in their locality. We maintain a toll free hotline reporting towns and phone numbers of Oxford Houses with vacancies.

Call Oxford House Placement Services’ toll free hotline (877) OXFORDH anytime (that’s (877) 693-6734). Listen to the outgoing announcement for updated reports on houses with available beds in your locality. Our toll free Fax line is (866) 808-0681.

You may also leave a message requesting our assistance in expediting a placement on your behalf.

Contact Us


Oxford House of Connecticut
J. D. Cole, Executive Director
POB 200936 Yale Station
New Haven, CT 06520-0936

Toll-free phone: (877) OXFORDH; that’s (877) 693-6734
Toll free Fax: (866) 808-0681-0032
Web: http://www.ctoxfordhouse.org
e-Mail: director@ctoxfordhouse.org


Oxford House World Services
Paul Molloy, Executive Director
1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Toll-Free: (800) 689-6411
Phone: (301) 587-2916
Fax: (301) 589-0302
Web: http://www.oxfordhouse.org
eMail: paul.molloy@oxfordhouse.org

“Going back to where you came from after treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction almost always spells failure and a return to old behavior.”

Mark Spence, May 5, 1991
CBS program 60 Minutes featuring Oxford House

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